Engineering Services

UES supports a variety of engineering services for all new building construction, renovations, remodels, additions, or alterations to UCF campuses, whether done by internal or external entities. Our analysis involves formulating, estimating, and evaluating the economic outcomes when choosing equipment or controls systems that are available to accomplish the milestones outlined in the President’s Climate Action Plan. The decision to select a certain technology is based on historical and current data analysis, industry best practices, and comparison of the cost and benefits associated with the environmental impact.

UES also maintains environmental control in all campus facilities, regulating air flow, temperature, and humidity, including first response to ensure customer environmental comfort and proper building HVAC system operation. Monitoring and alarming capabilities on HVAC systems allow for prompt identification of operational faults, so effective troubleshooting and system analysis can be performed. This ensures the University's mission-critical teaching, research labs, offices, residence halls, and other facilities remain fully functional.

UES control technicians operate and maintain all campus building automation and control systems, both direct digital and pneumatic control, all of which allow building automation systems to function properly as part of an overall comprehensive program. Building automation system management allows UCF's complex facilities to be optimized based on occupancy and classification that follow industry protocols and are also closely coordinated to ensure both safety and comfort of occupants. These efforts support both energy stewardship and HVAC system real and retro-commissioning initiatives.

See the Campus Temperature Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

If you feel the conditions of a campus facility is not satisfactory, please contact the UCF Work Control Center (WCC) as soon as possible.