Efficiency and Modernization

The Energy Services Engineering team oversees building and system commissioning processes for new construction, building additions and renovations, performs energy surveys to prioritize backlog, optimizes HVAC via Testing, Adjusting, & Balancing (TAB), and employs real-time commissioning using analytic platforms. This team is also developing strategies to become our own in-house building automation controls integrator. To support critical building operations, we have also developed a portal for alarms with intuitive graphics to assist troubleshooting.
UES mandates that all projects, new construction projects, renovations, and modifications to existing buildings and energy intensive systems, will be commissioned with the latest ASHRAE Standards, and follows a campus-wide procedure that begins at project inception. Commissioning provides a standardized process to reduce project capital cost through the warranty period, and the life cycle cost in which essential systems are tested and verified to ensure operations are safe, efficient, and perform as designed. Commissioning verifies and documents that a building and its systems are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet its design intent and energy performance requirements. This process reviews design documents, submittals, commissioning specifications and tests, and is part of the latest LEED Certification criteria for Energy and Atmosphere.
In addition to new building commissioning, UES also practices recommissioning (used after a building becomes fully operational) and retrocommissioning (used when an existing building was never properly commissioned) of existing building and their systems to meet our performance requirements. This process programs existing buildings to the original basis of design, verifies building operation schedules by paralleling mixed-use design and retrofits with tenant usage, and calibrating or replaces sensors and valves to reach desired energy baselines.

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