Efficiency and Modernization

Utilities & Energy Services provides a clearinghouse for energy management services at UCF. Our portfolio of services includes operations, maintenance, and optimization of all energy and water systems. A multi-protocol, multi-vendor direct digital control (DDC) building automation system is utilized to monitor and regulate heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting in campus facilities.

Optimizing Systems

The energy services division services, repairs and replaces capital of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and associated building automation systems, oversees building and system commissioning processes for new construction, building additions and renovations, performs energy surveys to prioritize backlog, optimizes HVAC via Testing, Adjusting, & Balancing (TAB), and employs real-time commissioning using analytic platforms. This team is also developing strategies to become our own in-house building automation controls integrator. To support critical building operations, we have also developed a portal for alarms with intuitive graphics to assist troubleshooting.

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