Water/Waste Water

UES controls and maintains an extensive 800,000 gallon a day water production, transmission, storage, and distribution system that supplies the majority of all domestic water to the main campus. The production wells are located within the main campus and have redundant connection to the local municipality for emergent purposes. The monumental 200,000 gallon elevated water tower icon and an adjacent 100,000 gallon ground water storage tank provide all of the domestic water storage.

UCF will continue to adhere to industry best practices to maintain and conserve our precious water resources. Our objective is to maximize water efficiency within buildings and reduce the burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems. As a result, UCF has decreased its potable water consumption by 21% since 2008, despite continuous growth at the University. Significant contributions in this reduction were provided by removing all irrigation from potable water supply and supplied by reclaimed water, as well as mandating that our new construction facilities will use 40% less water than the baseline building. Chilled water production, essential to building HVAC systems, accounts for 53% of our annual potable water consumption.

The domestic water system serving UCF is held to the same rigorous testing standards required of all municipal water systems under Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Sanitary sewer transportation systems are operated and maintained by UES to serve the entire main campus and research park. Effluent is transferred to the local municipality through several lift stations under a long-term capacity agreement.